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An American in Durham -- You Say Toma(h)to Podcast

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Millennium History  -- The Zero Page

Princeton U. Index of Christian Art News Clip

Tidbits & Tales -- Site Bibliography -- Calendar Notes

Saint Patrick -- 4th of July -- Summer of 76
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Cat Page -- How to give a pill to your cat -- Willy's Pix

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Real Millennium Group Communities
The following were the links to the MSN hosted Groups which were maintained by the Real Millennium Group until the service was discontinued in 2009. The top active links lead to the current multiply sites which took over the service. However we will be transferring all the information to our own web site in 2013.
Real Millennium Group
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Welcome to Wizardry
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The Legend
The Legacy
Astral Dominae
Proving Grounds
Knight Diamonds
Legacy Llygamyn
Return of Wernda
Heart Maelstrom
The Cosmic Forge
The Dark Savant
Race 2 Ascension (Wiz 8)
Other Wizardries
Trading Post
Gilgy's Tavern
Magic Links
Contains: Fonts, MIDI files,
Desktop Icons, RMG Guide
Friends' and Members' Sites
These sites are maintained by other members of the Real Millennium Group or are friends to the RMG
Some of the sites no longer currently exist - in those cases, we have linked to the most recent archive of the site according to the Way Back Machine

The Dragon's Muse -- Tigers Only Preservation Society -- Slocum's Bowl-O-Drome

Marzy -- Marston Manor

Shattering Popular Belief ...  -- MillenniumTees

In The Middle Ages -- Millennium 2000 -- The Celts -- Millennium Begins in 2001

Mkellehe/Millennium Mistaken -- Trystan's Realm/2996 NC: The Dawn .../The Downfall
Historical Links
These links take you to sites where you can read, view, or participate in things of a historical nature. Some places are local to the Real Millennium Group HQ area. Some have links on their own pages, or information about, Renaissance Faires, clubs, & other things across the USA.

Renaissance Magazine -- Templar Research Institute

Society For Creative Anachronism, Inc. -- Markland, Ltd.

NJ Renaissance Kingdom -- Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

The History Channel -- The Discovery Channel -- The Learning Channel

Medieval Sourcebook -- The Catholic Encyclopedia -- Annenberg Exhibits

CalendarZone -- The Seattle Knights

Colonial Hall -- World War II Memorial -- North American Indian History
Musical Links
These sites are for those of you who are looking for good period or Ren Faire music.

Arcona Reel Band (Great Ren Faire Group)

The Salomone Trio Home Page (Great Group - excerpts available)

The Internet Renaissance Band (has lots of midi music files)

Mediaeval Baebes (Excellent Music - excerpts available)

Dorian Recordings -- Waterbug Records
Shopping Links
These links take you to the places where BJWyler most often looks for his historical items, and such. Most are from the medieval period, but some also span several other time periods.

Chivalry Sports Ren Store -- Museum Replicas, Ltd.

Past Times -- The Easton Press -- The Folio Society -- RMG Auction Directory

Shepler's Western Wear -- RMG Logo t-shirt -- Brick by Brick

Design by Humans Merchandise Stores:
RMG Gaming Store -- Twitch Kittens Store

StreamLabs Merchandise Store
Other Millennium Site Links
These are links we have come across over time that further support or show the Truth of the Millennium

US Naval Observatory/The 21st Century and the Third Millennium

Astronomy Boy Millennium 2001 -- The Third Millennium Begins...

World's Largest List of Websites on Janurary 1, 2001 Being the First Day of the New Millennium

Estelle Daniels The REAL Millennium

Philadelphia Countdowns to Real Millennium -- When Did the New Millennium Begin?

Time and -- Scientific American
RMG Tech Services:
Home Page -- Hard ware Maintenance -- Operating System

Home Networking -- Small Business Networking -- Web Design

Custom Built Desktops -- E-Mail Support -- Combo Plans
Correspondence and Debates:
Why It's Important -- 1999 Letters -- 2000 Letters

Answers to the Arguments -- E-Mail to Time Magazine

Millennium Debates --Times Today Interview
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