Flash's Story: The newest addition to the family found his way into our home after Shadow went to live in a new home with his "mom." With Willy still being anti-social to strangers, and feeling a bit lonely without a playmate, it was time to find a new kitten to brighten up the place. However, upon heading to the local Petsmart, I just took a fancy to Flash, especially with the way he tended to lay down on the cat trees (as shown in his first picture). Flash was an Adult when I got him, his exact birthday is unknown, but we estimated him to be about two years older than Willy, putting his B-day sometime in 1997.

UPDATE 3/24/2016:
Today we had to say our last Good-bye to Flash. He was a loving and faithful old kitty, and while he suffered from decreasing hearing and vision, and arthritis in his hind legs, he still was there for a cheek rub and snuggle on the bed. Despite having some issues with blood pressure and kidneys, he held on like a trooper for the last couple of years, but his age finally caught up with him. Last night, his energy finally ran out, and though he fought against it, he knew it was time. It is with emense sadness that I had to take him to the vet on this morning to ease the last vestiges of his struggles and his passed quickly and peacefully knowing I was there with him at the end.

My farewell to Flash
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Hanging LooseThat's a hairy baby!Uhmm, there's something in my spotWhen I said cat nap, this isn't what I meantStrike a PoseNow, this is what I'm talking about!It's too early to get up
Here we have some more pix of our current kitty companions, Willy and Flash
Cuddle BuddiesIt's the Bed Bug again!Just remember, I'm still the baby!Somethings not quite right hereThis is our chairNose licking goodOh boy, presents!!Happiness is a warm bed