Tigger: born August 1989.  The senior of the group.  Pretty much lays around the house, although he can get up the gumption when needed - - or when some good catnip is around.  "Owned" Terri before allowing Jim to enter the family.
Tigger lost his 2 month battle with cancer on February 8, 2000.  His presence will be missed.  He was a faithful old cat, and we loved him dearly.  The place just isn't the same without him.
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Who put this wall here?
Catnip Attack!
Christmas '98
Somebody wash this sock.
Christmas '99
The King and his throne.
A couple of lazy pusses
Who's the new guy?
Who put this wall here?Catnip Attack!
Christmas '98Somebody wash this sock
Christmas '99Who's the new guy?The King and his throneA couple of lazy pusses