Gandalf -- November 1997 to March 8, 1999.
We will always love you & miss you Gandalf
Our Hearts Can Never Be Healed.
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First Christmas 1998
Baby Gandalf arrives home
February 1998
Who's the new guy?
Sit on Daddy!
Don't forget the cat!
Who's stuffed?
I would like to dedicate the Real Millennium Group web site to one of the best friends I ever had -- Gandalf. He was presented to me as a Valentine's Day gift in 1998, and he made a cat lover out of me. (I will always love dogs, but Gandalf was something special).

Gandalf was a stray as a kitten, born sometime around November-December in 1997, before finding his way to our home. He seemed to know right away who his daddy was, and always followed me around in the mornings, waiting until I sat down (no matter WHERE it was) so he could cuddle up in my lap.

He seemed to possess a knowledge and curiosity that went beyond a typical animal's brainpower, and he truly became a member of the family, like any child could.

Our hearts were devestated when we found out that he had terminal cancer, and a blood infection. He died two days later, on March 8th, 1999, and we will never be the same. I suppose only pet lovers can understand the grief of our loss, especially when the loss comes in one so young -- little more than a year old.
Baby Gandalf arrives home
February 1998Who's the new guy?Sit on Daddy!Don't forget the cat!Who's stuffed?Ready to PounceWhere's my presents?Ah, there they are!I'm pooped, that was a lot of work!