Shadow's story: Born around July 1999. Found wondering around the school where RMG 2nd Vice-President used to work, and was brought home. Jim took him in, and he has now become part of the family. This guy is the instigator of the bunch, and is always looking for new ways to get into trouble. We call him our X-Files cat because of a micro-chip that we found implanted in his neck.

Hershey's story: About the same age as Shadow. Hershey was found outside of our Condo complex. Apparently, someone didn't want her any more, so Jim rescued her. At the time, we weren't thinking about getting another cat, plus Willy seemed rather put out by this stranger, so we took her to Pet Rescue of Mercer in hopes of finding her a good home. After a couple of days of thinking it over, we changed our minds and decided to take her in. As it happened, an adoption request was put in, which both saddened and gladdened us, and now she has a good home -- which worked out to our advantage anyway, because Shadow was brought home a couple weeks later. Fate?
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This grass looks really strange
Bath Time!
HersheyThis grass looks really strangeBath Time!Tree lights ...... or the tree climbing cat!This tree is a little differentGet the mouse!I was here first
First Christmas 1999