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Getting Around:
This page is our main auction directory where we will be adding links to category directories for all our auctions.  Simply click a link for a category to see the individual auction listings for items contained therein.  Current directory links are at the bottom of this page.  Each directory will be set up with the name of the category followed by banners of all the auction servers used by our members.  Each banner will take you to the main page of that server.  Following the banners will be a hit counter, and links to our important RMG web pages, which will then be followed by the individual auction listings.
I have changed the auction listings to remove the date and time the auction is running to make it quicker and easier for me to update. Now they will only be listed as "Current" or "Ended." Current auctions are ones that are active and bids may be placed. Ended auctions are ones that have ended without any winning bidders. Auctions that have ended with bidders will still have the red updates in the listing.
As you can see, each of these auctions has the title first, which links to the auction page for that item, which is followed by the item/lot number of the item. Below that will be the current status of the auction - active, ended (no winner), or sold (ended with winner) with payment/shipping status. Next is a link to a form where you can contact me about auction items. The server name where the item is being sold finishes the listing.

Ended auctions without a payment or shipping status had no winning bidders and may still be available - use the contact form to inquire about the item.
Category Directories:
Sports Equipment
Includes items such as baseballs, bats, gloves, Bowling and Golf Equipment, and accessories, and so forth.
Sports Memorabilia & Collectibles
Includes items like baseball cards, Autographed items, team pennants, toys, models, etc.
Music Memorabilia & Collectibles
Includes items like Posters, Event Programs, Bandanas, Concert T-shirts, Old Event Tickets, etc.
Toys, Games, & Collectibles
All toys and items like stuffed animals, Beanie Babies, remote controlled vehicles, models, board & computer games, etc.
Lego® and More!!
All items produced by the Lego® Company. Also includes similar products such as MegaBlocks, Tyco Bricks, etc.
Books & Stuff
All books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed material
Comic Books
All Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and related material
Clothing & Apparel
All clothing, garments, hats, shoes, etc.
Miscellaneous Merchandise
All the stuff that doesn't quite fit in any of the other categories like artwork, posters, housewares, odds & ends, etc.
Computer Merchandise
Includes items like Computers, Software, Hardware, Peripherals, etc.