he Real Millennium Group was born in February 1999.  The group was created by BJWyler (Jim's alter ego and AOL Screen Name), because of the misconception that the 21st Century and 3rd Millennium began on January 1, 2000.  The name "Real Millennium Group" comes from the fact that we know the millennium and century really begin on January 1, 2001.  The "group" was created because a voice united behind an organization carries more weight than a single voice, even when there are many single voices stating the same thing.  Just look at the political scene -- politicians will always be more inclined to listen to a collection of people who have banded together under a single organization than they would to each individual voice.
   he group started as a one man operation, and a single web page published in Hometown AOL.  The intent was just to show the researched facts that prove the 21st Century and 3rd Millennium didn't begin until 2001.  The web page was published in late February 1999, and another page, the history of zero, was added shortly thereafter.  Most of the "group's" efforts at that point entailed writing letters to any TV news or sports personality who claimed the year 2000 ushered in the new millennium.  Many letters were also sent to various magazines like Time and TV Guide.  Most of the effort lay with the Internet though, as BJ visited various chat rooms and message boards to spread the message, and also e-mailed anyone with web sites selling "Millennium 2000" merchandise.
      rom this, came the idea of actually having a group by accepting people as members.  At first, it was completely unofficial, as anyone who asked to join was made a member, but no roster was taken, nor any applications filled out.  Then BJ was contacted by a local TV news station inquiring about the group.  At that point, the group consisted of BJ and about a dozen people recruited over the Internet, but if serious interest was going to be focused on the group, it was decided to make things official. BJ's sister and brother were recruited as Vice-Presidents and application forms and membership cards were produced.  BJ also created a logo for the group, titled "Truth, Knowledge, Peace"  to represent the ideals the group wished to achieve.  The web site also exapnded rapidly to include a section devoted to the message board debates BJ had with people over the 'net, and a Celebration Page, which later was changed to answer many of the common responses people made for celebrating the millennium in 2000.  By the end of the summer of 1999 the group had a dozen official members, three officers, and Logo T-shirts.  The T-shirts actually started out as novelty Christmas gifts for BJ's family, with a few extra made as prizes and giveaways at our Party of the Century, which was planned as an overnight event on New Year's Eve/Day to ring in the Year 2000 (and NOT the century or millennium).
     hen the Thanksgiving weekend rolled around, the group received national attention when an Associated Press article ran which featured an interview with several 2001 supporters, including BJ, and had a picture of BJ with the T-shirts.  Needless to say, more shirts were required, and membership tripled almost overnight.  At this time, we created the MSN web community, and shortly thereafter, registered the .com, .net, and .org domain names, which are now used to forward people to the web community.  The rest of the web site continues to expand, as we approach the dawn of a new century and millennium, have copywrited the site, and begun the process of officially registering the group as a non-profit organization.  What does the future hold?  Only time will tell -- we will go on until our goals of Truth, Knowledge, and World Peace are realized.
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One final note about the group.  It was formed as a means to correct the constant barage of hype and misinformation about the millennium and the year 2000.  We are not in this for the money or the publicity.  If everyone on the face of the planet began to say that the millennium begins in 2001, we don't care whether the group is ever mentioned -- our sole purpose, until 2001, is to make sure that the Truth is known, spoken, and embraced.  After that (and now), striving towards a more intellectual and peaceful world (and having fun doing it) will be our continuing goal.
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The Real Millennium Group is a grass roots collection of men, women, and children (with a few animals thrown in) who have a love of history. We are growing, and adding members as more people learn about us and join us in our cause. Our leader is BJWyler who is a retail manager by day, and at night, dreams of a world where Knights and Dragons can live in harmony. He also enjoys the occasional Ren Faire - check our links to find out where.
We have a drive to better ourselves, and learn all we can about the people and the world around us. We want to make the world a better place to live in. By paying attention to, and learning from our past, we hope to accomplish that goal. We believe that many people are embracing a life of ignorance, and the major media outlets, like television, newspapers, movies, and so on, are helping to spread that ignorance by their methods, many unaware of what they are doing. It is ignorance that leads to the violence we are now seeing across the globe, and we hope to help stop it in some small way. History is very important to our members. Without it we doom ourselves to repeat the mistakes of the past, and will never be able to move forward as a society.
Remember our history, and remember those
who have made it; for without them we learn
nothing, and we become nothing.

Slogan: "Truth, Knowledge, Peace"