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Founder's Message - January 2000
  I was kind of hoping that my job would be a little easier this year, now that all the commercialized hype of the year 2000 and false millennium is over, but it seems everyone is deluding themselves into truly believing we are living in the 21st Century and 3rd Millennium.  As we were inundated with the "last of everything of the century and millennium" in 1999, we are now being forced to endure "the first of everything of the century and millennium" in 2000.  We had no plans on stopping our campaign for Truth and Knowledge in regard to this subject, but it seems will we have to go at it with the same fervor we went after the hypesters in 1999.
  So you can expect the Real Millennium Group to continue to inform everyone why the technical decade, 21st Century, and 3rd Millennium are still on the way.  Part of this fervor comes from the fact that we are trying to create our own version of history to fit our personal desires, and I am reminded of a tyrannical organization called the Third Reich who tried doing the same thing a little over 50 years ago.  Although the millennium has nothing to do with the atrocities of the Nazis, the same attitude is prevalent in both situations, and that is why I feel it is important for us to recognize the true date of the millennium, and the how and why 2001 is the true date.  If we are to rewrite history for this event, how much longer before we jump into bed with the book burners of the country who think "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is a detriment to our children.
  What is truly detrimental is the "Just Do It" attitude of the "Nike Generation."  The kind of attitude that teaches our children it is OK to lie as long as someone is paying a lot of money for you to do it.  It is OK to be ignorant as long as we can have a good time doing it.  It is OK to rewrite our history as long as the media, money-hungry organizations, and everyone else seems to be doing it.  As long as it feels good, then to hell with the consequences -- Just go out and do whatever you feel like doing!!  (like taking a gun and shooting your classmates)
    Why bother sending our children to school if the basic tenets of history and mathematics can be thrown out just to suit the purposes of a party or some company that wants to sell a product.  How many of us have complained about the educational system, then went on saying that the year 2000 marked the beginning of the new century and millennium?  Why bother teaching the basics of what is right and wrong if we are going to change the rules every time we schedule a party?
    The fact that people want to believe that 2000 is part of the 21st Century and 3rd Millennium does not change the fact that it is not.  Any advertiser that said as much, or had the "Last sale of the millennium!" or century, or any TV or radio station that promoted something as the last of the century or millennium in 1999 will now open themselves up to be sued for false advertising, and willfully misleading the public should they continue or have a sale or such in the year 2000.  It also applies to anyone still stating that the millennium and century have begun this year (as we mentioned in the opening paragraph).  And as litigation crazy as this country is, I can certainly see lawyers taking up these lawsuits.
    It is time for those of us who want to promote Truth and Knowledge to stand up and continue our campaign against those who would rather remain ignorant.  If we are to go forward as a society, and progress into the future, we have no choice but to embrace these ideals, and remember the true facts of the people and events that preceded us.  The only way to travel a straight and true path is to remember where we want to go, and how we have gotten to the point we are at.  If we don't, we will become hopelessly lost.
  Join the Real Millennium Group in this cause, and help us create a world truly deserving of entering a new century and millennium.
     As to being referred to as "nitpickers" and "purists," I don't mind the names too much, after all they are only words, but they really are also misnomers.  Let me ask those who would use those terms this:  Is someone who states that 2 + 2 = 4 a nitpicker or purist?  Is someone who says that Lincoln was not born on President's Day, but on the 12th of February a nitpicker or purist?  I don't think so.  They are stating simple truths -- a basic mathematical or historical principle or fact.  That is all we are doing with the millennium and century.  There is nothing "nitpicky" or "purist" about it.  It is a simple fact that everyone should know and accept, just as 2 + 2 is known and accepted to equal 4.
       To put another perspective on it.  Let's look at the Flat Earth Society.  They still believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary that the earth is flat, and not round.  To them, anyone who believes the earth is round and says as much is fooling themselves, just as the people who believe the millennium and century arrived on January 1, 2000 are fooling themselves.  Who are the nitpickers and purists here?
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