Cookie's story: Cookie was a stray that appeared out on the street in front of our house one Saturday evening in early May, 2023.
We have no idea where he came from, but suspect that he was a lost housecat, or dumped by his former owners. He was literally skin and bones when we brought him into the house. Cookie is a very calm and gentle cat and loves to nuzzle faces.After a trip to the vet, they placed his age at around 14 years old, so he is quite the Senior Kitty. His bloodwork indicated anemia and a thyroid issue, for which he is now on medication. We also also discovered that he is deaf in both ears. We suspect he also has a possible respitory infection and an ear infection.

We need help so we can continue to ensure Cookie gets the medical care he needs. We are trying to find him a loving home as we are already croweded with the other strays we have rescued. We do not want to take him to a shelter as he deserves to live out the rest of his life in a loving home. Any donations to help us finanically with Cookie's care is greatly appreciated. You can also help by purchasing merchandise in our Design by Humans store.
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