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Guild Wars
Rated "T" for Teen
Real Millennium Group (TM)
Real Millennium Group Guild Standard
Real Millennium Group Guild Standard
Paragon of Earth
Vital Stats
Age: 23
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
RPG Character
Primary Profession: Paragon
Secondary Profession: Elementalist
Current Level: 20
Primary Weapon: Firey Spear
Wangari has tried to live her life in the shadow of the Five Gods of the Realms. She is closest to the Gods Melandru and Balthazar and can often been seen meditating by a statue of either God during her travels. Her family hails from Kamadan, the capital city of Istan, and has been exposed to much of the oppulence of the Jewel, but has been kept rooted firmly to the ground by her parents. Encouraged to join the Sunspear ranks by her father, she was sponsored by the great hero Dunkoro, and has risen to become a recoginized and respected leader among their ranks.  When Korbin and Osiria arrived in Istan to enlist aid in their battle against the White Mantle and Shiro Tagachi, Wangari became a natural fit to join the ranks of the guild as an officer, and has carried that banner with dignity and pride, as befits her nature.
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The Land of the Golden Sun - Elona. This continent is steeped in a rich and long history. It was from here than many people traveled to the north to achieve the mystical Ascension, only to fail in the end. However, the rough and proud nature of Elona's original Kings and Heroes can still be found in its people today. It is also here, that the source of evil that has infected both Tyria and Cantha has been found, and it is here that the Guild representatives, Korbin, Osiria, Jia He, and Korina have come to recruit current day heroes in our fight to end the corruption of the three continents.
Real Millennium Group Guild Standard - click for larger image
Violet was the traditional color worn by those who served and learned from the Serpents, and who formed the original Knowledge Bearers Guild. Thus this becomes the backdrop of the new standard. Rising above the red flames of the Searing and blood of War is the Green Serpent of Truth, reborn to continue the quest for Knowledge and Peace.

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Guild Officers
These are the Guild Officers who hail from the continent of Elona and the Battle Isles.
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Tyria - Cantha
Wrathful Dervish
Vital Stats
Age: 35
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 206 lbs.
RPG Character
Primary Profession: Dervish
Secondary Profession: Monk
Current Level: 20
Primary Weapon: Vampiric Scythe
Bruhier's family has a long history of prosperity in Vabbi, and there was nothing for want while he was growing up. However, after an illicit affair by his father, the family was shamed and lost much of their influence. Determined to regain the honor for the family name, Bruhier has taken up arms with the Real Millennium Guild to fight against the forces of Abaddon.
Rogue Warrior
RPG Character
Primary Profession: Warrior
Secondary Profession: Ranger
Current Level: 20
Primary Weapon: Longbow
Vital Stats
Pet: Yoshindika
Lvl 20 Dire Lion